Are you ready to live better?

What is living better?

On the surface, many people seem like they are leading good lives; however, my counseling experience continuously reveals that this is often not the case. Under the exterior of goodwill and a great deal of effort are concerns and fears about oneself, life, and relationships. I find people feeling they lack the sense of self-worth, or self-control over sabotaging behaviors to live the lives they’d like. The physiological symptoms of brain fog, focus issues, sleep disturbance, and difficulty with organization can also be present.

To get through this, strategies employed may be people-pleasing and trying hard to be perfect to avoid longstanding feelings of rejection. Other strategies may include disconnecting to feel safe. Real closeness in relationships can feel complicated.  People often look outside themselves to feel better.

Living better results from self-discovery in therapy; removing roadblocks and defenses that get in the way of discovering, creating, and living as your authentic self. You deserve to feel whole, safe, and experience aliveness in your life—living better looks like genuinely feeling close to yourself and others.  It also includes your brain and nervous system optimized for creativity, performance, productivity, and optimal stress response.

Healing is possible, and it’s created from the inside out.

Explore what is getting in the way of creatively being your authentic self and genuine emotional closeness. 

Develop security, trust, and mutuality to create secure functioning & relationship success for long term happiness.

Brainwave training for better focus, cognition, mood, and peak performance.

When we don’t heal our trauma, we hurt ourselves and our families’ emotional health, and by extension, our communities and world.

When we heal ourselves, we change our lives and legacy.

Ready to live a better life?

Healing and creating a life you love is one of the most courageous and important things you’ll ever do.


You are whole, and your entire system was designed to heal. The work is not “fixing” brokenness. It’s removing the roadblocks that get in the way of you being connected and fully you.

No matter where you are in your life, you deserve true healing, connection, freedom, joy, confidence, aliveness.  

How it Works:

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Your path to healing is as unique as you are. I draw on variety of methodologies to ensure the best results for you.

Create Health, Healing, & Connection

You deserve to gain resiliency, increase capacity, and be authentically you. 

This Isn’t Just Another Couch Session

I have had the pleasure of working for and being trained by Dr. McGuffin over the past five years. Her skills as a therapist, and commitment to learning, and teaching, is inspiring and innovative. Her work in Neurotherapy gives her a deeper understanding of the brain and physiology, to create healing and success in tough cases where people did not know where to get help. I can’t speak highly enough about Dr. McGuffin’s skills, outcomes, warmth, and her as a person.

“It may come as a surprise that living life in a full and expanded way is one of the most difficult challenges we face as human beings.”

What is Unresolved Trauma Costing You?

When attachment, relationship, developmental, and complex trauma have not been resolved, adults may carry the impact in the trauma in the following ways;

*Emotional Regulation – It can be difficult to self sooth, addictions can be used to self medicate, self-sabotaging behaviors may be present, and it can be difficult to regulate emotions.

*Focus, attention, and consciousness – It can feel difficult to focus and pay attention.  One may dissociate and detach within oneself to feel safety. It can be difficult to remember things and feel like you are disconnected from your body.

*Self-perception – You may feel chronic guilt, shame, low self-esteem and worth, and doubt and criticize yourself.  You may struggle with your identity.

*How one experiences meaning – You may feel a sense of hopelessness about finding someone that will understand, and accept you.

*Medical problems or somitization – You may have a significant focus on physical symptoms, pain, weakness, and  shortness of breath, with excessive thoughts and feelings related to these physical symptoms.

*Relationships – It may feel difficult to trust others, develop genuine closeness and intimacy, you may cling to others or avoid and autoregulate to feel safe in relationships.

Effective therapy can help and heal these wounds.

You deserve relief and to love your life.