Individual counseling can help you cultivate a genuine emotional connection to your real self and to others around you. Counseling helps you gain resiliency, increases your capacity, gives you a greater ability to live creatively and fosters a greater sense of self. Each of us was designed to move toward health, healing and connection. Our work together supports that process.

What is individual counseling?

Individual counseling (also called psychotherapy) is a process of talk therapy that takes place with a trained therapist in a caring, safe, empathetic, and confidential environment.  I work holistically with from a strength based perspective.

What is the process like?

In individual counseling, a large part of what I do includes working in the NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM) to address attachment, relational, developmental, and complex trauma. Our work involves a trauma-informed approach of us talking. The sessions incorporate elements of identity, emotions, behavior, and relationships. Body mindfulness, relationships, the nervous system, organization, and working in the present are all components of this model to help you better connect to your authentic self, others, your aliveness, and what you want for your life.

Individual counseling helps our ability to be present to ourselves and others in these areas:

  • Connection: Capacity to be in touch with our body emotions. Capacity to connect with others.
  • Attunement: Capacity to attune to our emotions & needs. Capacity to recognize, reach out for, & take in physical & emotional nourishment.
  • Trust: Capacity for healthy dependence & interdependence.
  • Autonomy: Capacity to set appropriate boundaries. Capacity to say no & set limits. Capacity to speak our minds without guilt or fear.
  • Love-sexuality: Capacity to live with an open heart. Capacity to integrate loving relationships with a vital sexuality.

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I offer in person and online sessions.

I believe each of our lives hits a moment that feels too big, too scary, too hard. That’s the moment to reach out to Dr. Nicole McGuffin. She listens, she challenges when necessary, and she invites exploration of life experiences through a new and wider lens. She guides the healing journey until a more whole, more authentic self emerges from under the rubble. She has a vast depth of experience and a steadfast belief in possibilities. It’s work, but it’s worth it.

Cynthia Forstman, Culture Talk

I believe emotional security, feeling whole and fulfilled, feeling safe, with vital aliveness should be available to everyone.

My hope for everyone who works with me is that they remove the roadblocks that get in the way of their agency, self-activation, and aliveness to create the life they want.

Healing is about creatively becoming the real you.


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